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How To Think Creatively?

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Thinking creative and being able to get new and creative ideas is the basic agenda of this course. this course will help in enhancing the creativity of students and help them to think creatively in every aspect.

Course Timing

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1 Wednesday,Friday,Sunday 4:00pm-5:00pm 18-Sep-20

Thinking creatively will help each and every student to get unique and better ideas no matter what the topic is. it will give a push to the creativity of students which will lead them to unique and better results. This course is to help and enhance the creativity of students and help them to explore every aspect.  

Simple and effective ideas to improve creative thinking skills. Activities which will help in thinking creatively and getting unique ideas. will work on creative thinking, design development, sharpening drawing skills, creative skills and writing. 

students who are a bit creative and have hobbies like drawing, painting and craft. 

should have basic knowledge about art and creativity