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SAP GTS Online Training

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SAP GTS stands for SAP Global Trade Services. To conduct business internationally, The companies have to follow local rules & regulations, fulfill document requirements with the Customs Authorities and understand complex tariffs and duties. Failing to do so can cost to the companies and that's where SAP GTS comes into the picture. So, SAP Global Trade Services helps companies better manage global trade operations, ensure ongoing trade compliance and optimize the cross-border supply chain. SAP GTS includes below module elements:

  1. SAP Compliance Management
  2. SAP Customs Management
  3. SAP Risk Management
  4. Electronics Compliance Reporting

Course Timing

Batch Day's Time Batch Start Date
1 Monday-Friday 09:30AM-10:30AM 09-Jan-2023
2 Saturday-Sunday 08:00PM-09:00PM 08-Jan-2023
3 Monday-Friday 11:00AM-12:00PM 09-Jan-2023

After the completion of this course, the participants will be::

1. Understand the business and system process of SAP GTS.
2. Use the functionality of  SAP Compliance Management, SAP Customs Management, and SAP Risk Management for import and export processes.
3. Work as SAP GTS Consultant, Trade analyst, Compliance officer, etc.

SAP Global Trade Services Course Content

  1. Introduction of Global Trade Services
    • Overview of SAP GTS Module
    • Overview of Compliance Management
    • Overview of Customs Management
    • Overview of Risk Management
  2. System Communication between SAP ECC/S4 and SAP GTS system
  3. Required Configurations in SAP ECC/S4
    • Settings required to transfer Master Data
    • Settings required to transfer Transactional Data
  4. Baseline Configuration
    • GTS Organization Structure
    • Partner Structure
    • Document Structure
    • Legal Regulations
    • Determination procedures for Legal Regulations
    • Activation of Legal Regulations
  5. Compliance Management
    • Embargo Check
    • Business Process
    • System Process (Configurations)
    • Master data set-up
    • Live scenarios
    • Sanction Party List Screening
    • Business Process
    • System Process (Configurations)
    • Master data set-up
    • Live scenarios
    • Legal Control- Export/Import (License Determination)
    • Business Process
    • System Process (Configurations)
    • Master data set-up
    • Live scenarios
  6. Customs Management
    • Product classification
    • Numbering schemes
    • Export Process
    • Import Process
    • Incompletion Procedure
    • Communication set up with Customs Authorities via PPF
    • Default Data Procedure
    • Customs Code List
  7. Risk Management
    • Preference Management
    • Long-term Vendor Declaration for Vendor purpose
    • Long-term Vendor Declaration for Customer Purpose
    • Preference Rules (Rules of Origin)
    • Master data setup
    • Letter of Credit Process
    • Business Process
    • System Process (Configurations)
    • Master data set-up
    • Live scenarios

The SAP GTS instructor-led online training course is aimed at SAP project team members and. anyone who is having a very basic knowledge of the Sales/Purchase Business Process.

It is recommended that the trainee should have the following prerequisites to take SAP GTS Training-

  1. Basic knowledge of foreign trade functionality in SAP R/3 or SAP ECC.
  2. Basic knowledge of the Sales/Purchase process.