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Understanding Fashion and Lifestyle

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Why Attend

Fashion is a very important aspect to know about now days. Everybody wants to live in fashion and have a fashionable lifestyle now days, this course will help them understand fashion and how to combine it with your lifestyle. This course will also give students all the information about fashion, brands and trends. this course will contain knowledge about fashion and lifestyle and how to create your lifestyle better and fashionable also all the fashion colleges, fields and every type of design and fashion related topics. 

Course Timing

Batch Day's Time Batch Start Date
1 Wednesday,Friday,Sunday 6:00pm-7:00pm 18-Sep-20

to live fashionably, have a lifestyle which is fashionable and trendy and enhance the curiosity about design and brands. to encourage students to now more about design and art. 

The basic agenda of this course will be to enhance the knowledge about fashion and lifestyle. It will have topics like creative thinking, understanding fashion and style, understanding lifestyle, understanding design, understanding brands and trends, and how to combine all these with your lifestyle and make it better. 

creative students who are interested in design, art, drawing and fond of brands, also students who want to go for design as their future profession. this can help them to choose amongst different design fields. 

students who have at least basic knowledge about design and are creative.